What supplements should I take?

Hey doc! What do you think of this ________? Enter supplement name here. This is a question I hear numerous times a day. This question has many answers. Sometimes it’s I think its great but why do you think you need to take that? Other times its you’ve got much bigger fish to fry, what is it that you think that supplement is going to do for you?

I tend to hear many interesting answers. Most of them center around using the supplement in place of a pharmaceutical intervention or as some magic cure all that has been touted all over the internet by slick talking snake oil salesman out to make a fast buck. While some of these supplements may be of benefit, some won’t. We call this green allopathy and more often than not it doesn’t work.

Before getting into dosages and whether its even worth taking a particular supplement there are some basics that need to be covered first. If you don’t take care of basics like diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and hydration among other things don’t bother with the supplements. Lifestyle seems to be the biggest piece that people miss these days. There are thousands of reasons of why and none of them matter.  As others have said before me, “Eat well, move well and think well.” You need to do the proverbial heavy lifting and that lifting includes much more than a handful of supplements.

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